Series The Wisdom Of Solomon

This series of 10 conversations takes a look at the remarkable twists and turns in the story of the wisest man in the world. The intent is to discover personal meaning and perspective together, as we try to find what Solomon contributes to the bigger story of Jesus. As the wisest of men, Solomon drew prominent visitors from all over the world. The breadth of his curiosity in nature, relationships and faith became legendary. Yet the last chapter of his life seems so unlikely. Why would God give Solomon so much wisdom, and then allow him to end up living a self-absorbed life— even to the point of building altars to the foreign gods of his wives on the hills overlooking Jerusalem? What is there here for us?

Dates February 26 - March 9, 2018
# of Programs 10
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder
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Part 1 - 02/26/18

Where Do We Find Wisdom?

For something almost everyone wants, wisdom seems to be in short supply. So the question is—where do we find wisdom? Today on Discover the Word, the team begins a new study that points us in the direction of true insight. We’ll learn where the wisest man who ever lived found wisdom, when you join us, today on Discover the Word!

Part 2 - 02/27/18

What Is The Biblical Picture Of True Wisdom?

When you hear the word “wisdom,” what do you picture? An old owl? A stack of books? Well, today on Discover the Word, we will discuss the biblical picture of true wisdom. Find the source of all understanding when you listen with us, today on Discover the Word!

Part 3 - 02/28/18

How Can We Be Sure We’re Living Wisely?

We know that having “wisdom” is more than simply knowing the right answers. It involves action, and how and when to apply those answers too! So how can we be sure we’re living wisely? Today on Discover the Word, the team explores the practical side of understanding, by looking at the wisest man who ever lived. Be listening to Discover the Word today!

Part 4 - 03/01/18

The Wisdom Of Solomon

Today on Discover the Word, we learn from Solomon’s radical display of God-given wisdom—in one of the most dramatic custody hearings in history! Be sure to listen in as the group continues their series titled, The Wisdom of Solomon. That’s today on Discover the Word!

Part 5 - 03/02/18

What Comes First… Wisdom Or Knowledge?

Wisdom and knowledge are often related, but also seem to be two distinct things. Today on Discover the Word, the team continues to study the life of Solomon to help unravel the question, what comes first: wisdom or knowledge?  Don’t miss this interesting discussion, today on Discover the Word!

Part 6 - 03/05/18

Who Do You Seek Out For Wisdom?

When looking for wise advice, you might call a friend, parent, or mentor, or even write to Dear Abby. But none of those sources hold a candle to King Solomon! Today on Discover the Word, we continue the study of the wisest man in history! Be part of the group for “The Wisdom of Solomon” today on Discover the Word!

Part 7 - 03/06/18

Living Wisely To The End

Do you remember who was voted “Most Likely to Succeed” in your high school class? If you’d gone to school in ancient Israel, King Solomon would certainly have been elected that in his senior year. But today on Discover the Word, the team discusses how someone with limitless potential fell flat on his face. Listen today for a discussion on living wisely through the end on Discover the Word!

Part 8 - 03/07/18

Scandal Involving The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived

It seems like every week there’s a new scandal involving a public figure. But today on Discover the Word, we’ll explore an ancient scandal involving, strangely enough, the wisest man who ever lived. Be part of the group on Discover the Word today for a discussion on “The Wisdom of Solomon”!

Part 9 - 03/08/18

True Wisdom That Goes Beyond Mere Knowledge

We have more access to knowledge than any other generation in history. Most any question we have, we can Google an answer to in seconds. But even with all that knowledge, wisdom still seems to be in short supply. Today on Discover the Word, the team will help us connect to the source of true wisdom that goes beyond mere knowledge. Listen for their study on “The Wisdom of Solomon,” today on Discover the Word!

Part 10 - 03/09/18

Failure Is Not The End Of The Story

Today on Discover the Word, we conclude our study of the life of Solomon on a hopeful note. Although Solomon lost sight of God, his failure is not the end of the story. Consider the “true and better Solomon” the Bible and all history points to when you join the group today on Discover the Word!

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