Unity in Diversity

Biblical characteristic that will identify us as followers of Christ

We may not wear shirts emblazoned with the words “I’m a Christian!” But there are ways to let people know we follow Christ. It’s a discussion on unity.

Discover healthy ways to remain united with those we disagree with

You’ll find that even in a healthy marriage, husbands and wives can butt heads. And if we’re not careful, those conflicts can cause a lot of trauma in the family. Let's apply some marriage principles to our relationships with other followers of Christ.

How to maintain harmony in the midst of conflict

Music, politics, appearance. Christians disagree over many different issues. So is it even possible to find unity among the followers of Christ? An important lesson from Romans 14.

Find guidance for dealing with differences in a biblical way

Even in the early church, men and women had different opinions about how their faith should be lived out in their day-to-day lives. Let's study Romans chapter 14.

Another thought-provoking message in a series on unity in the church

There are some differences of opinion that could tear a community apart. Let's look at a disagreement that arose in the early church over the food they had to eat.

Let’s interview members of the early church to see how they handled disagreements

If you’ve ever disagreed with someone in your church about a serious issue, you know the conversations can escalate into full-blown conflict! So how do we relate well to other Christians during a dispute?

Following the example of our heavenly Father can help us find unity with the people in our lives

In spite of our hang-ups, quirks, and blatant flaws, God welcomed us into His family with open arms! Our study in Romans 14 continues.

How to stay united even when we don’t agree

What are some of the hot topics that really get your blood boiling? Let's discuss some of the things followers of Christ argue about.

A revealing discussion about unity in the church

When an issue is debated in church, we are quick to explain our convictions. But are we just as fast to stand up for unity? Let's discuss why it’s often easier to focus on our Christian differences rather than on Christlike harmony.

Let’s look at Romans 14 to gain a fresh understanding of church unity

It can be easy to judge someone with a different view from our own. And if we’re not careful, our words and the labels we assign to those people can cause serious damage.

Discover how to handle some of the gray areas of faith

Over the decades, football Sunday has become a national affair. But when we watch sports on a Sunday, does that mean we’re lessening the value of it being the Lord’s Day?

Explore one way to evaluate whether a certain activity is right or wrong

There are countless issues we face daily that the Bible does not address. But even when God’s Word doesn’t speak into our exact situation, it still provides guidelines to help us find our way! Our study in Romans 14 continues.

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