Series Unity in Diversity

How do you feel about drinking alcoholic beverages? How do you feel about going to movies? How do you feel about abortion? About homosexuality? How do you feel about Christians who disagree with you on some of these issues? In this series of conversations, Discover the Word group members Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan (and occasionally guest, pastor Jeff Manion) turn to a passage in Romans 14 to discuss the topic of unity in diversity. Join us as we discover whether its possible to live the Christian life, while at the same time maintaining unity with Christians who don’t share our convictions.

Dates July 3 - August 16, 2013
# of Programs 33
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan, and Jeff Manion
Text Romans 14
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Part 1 - 07/03/13

Biblical characteristic that will identify us as followers of Christ

Part 2 - 07/04/13

Discover healthy ways to remain united with those we disagree with

Part 3 - 07/05/13

How to maintain harmony in the midst of conflict

Part 4 - 07/08/13

Find guidance for dealing with differences in a biblical way

Part 5 - 07/09/13

Another thought-provoking message in a series on unity in the church

Part 6 - 07/10/13

Let’s interview members of the early church to see how they handled disagreements

Part 7 - 07/11/13

Following the example of our heavenly Father can help us find unity with the people in our lives

Part 8 - 07/12/13

How to stay united even when we don’t agree

Part 9 - 07/15/13

A revealing discussion about unity in the church

Part 10 - 07/16/13

Let’s look at Romans 14 to gain a fresh understanding of church unity

Part 11 - 07/17/13

Discover how to handle some of the gray areas of faith

Part 12 - 07/18/13

Explore one way to evaluate whether a certain activity is right or wrong

Part 13 - 07/19/13

Find out how to respond to those who act Christian, and yet don’t know Christ

Part 14 - 07/22/13

Discover an eternal perspective as we turn to a stirring passage in Romans

Part 15 - 07/23/13

Let’s look at practical steps towards unity

Part 16 - 07/24/13

Why understanding our responsibility to the Lord puts Christian unity into a whole new perspective!

Part 17 - 07/25/13

A thought-provoking study in Romans 14 continues

Part 18 - 07/26/13

How Christians in Rome worked through some sticky disagreements

Part 19 - 07/29/13

Discover help in navigating through murky moral waters

Part 20 - 07/30/13

Guidelines on making wise decisions on tricky issues

Part 21 - 07/31/13

Discover an important balance between practicing our freedom, and causing others to stumble

Part 22 - 08/01/13

Principles for making biblically sound decisions on questionable issues, while maintaining Christian unity

Part 23 - 08/02/13

How to accept one another’s convictions, even if we disagree!

Part 24 - 08/05/13

How to handle disagreements in the family of God

Part 25 - 08/06/13

Help from Romans 14 on muddling through the gray areas of the Christian life

Part 26 - 08/07/13

A helpful guideline for handling disagreements

Part 27 - 08/08/13

Discover the ways our actions help, or hinder, others

Part 28 - 08/09/13

What do doughnuts have to do with Christian unity?

Part 29 - 08/12/13

Looking at Romans 14 from a parenting perspective

Part 30 - 08/13/13

Reevaluating the customs we hold dear

Part 31 - 08/14/13

Practical application for the principles on unity from Romans 14

Part 32 - 08/15/13

Separating the important issues from the peripheral ones

Part 33 - 08/16/13

Wrapping up our study about Christian unity from Romans 14

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