Series Unquenchable

Author and speaker Carol Kent is familiar with disappointment, disaster, even despair. In this series of 10 conversations with Mart DeHaan and Elisa Morgan, Carol shares her story, and how even in life’s most difficult times, God can grow in us an unquenchable, wildfire faith that will endure anything. Discover how the Bible and your relationship with God can help you hold on to hope when life’s circumstances turn out differently from your dreams.

Dates November 10-21, 2014
# of Programs 10
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, and Carol Kent
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Part 1 - 11/10/14

Stories and insights on how to measure the intensity of our faith

What’s your faith look like right now? Is it a small, flickering flame? Or a roaring wildfire? It’s the beginning of a brand-new study, “Unquenchable.”

Part 2 - 11/11/14

A personal firestorm that ignited trust in the goodness of God

Firestorms often come unexpectedly. And they leave ash, rubble, and devastation in their wake. But within the ruins, we find surprising signs of hope.

Part 3 - 11/12/14

Learn how to “embrace the power of embers”

We want to be a brightly burning fire for God every day. So when we cannot sustain that intensity, we end up feeling guilty. Discover why we don’t need to be on fire all the time to enjoy a passionate faith.

Part 4 - 11/13/14

A personal story of loss, pain, and renewed faith from special guest, Carol Kent

As a popular speaker, author, and Bible teacher, Carol’s faith was on fire. But then a trial came that threatened to extinguish her flame.

Part 5 - 11/14/14

Discover how to have unquenchable faith in God

When we’re going through a fiery ordeal and our faith feels like it’s going to go out, how do we keep our passion for God alive? Discover the importance of remembering our past in order to survive our present trials.

Part 6 - 11/17/14

How life’s fiery trials can initiate the deepest growth in our faith

The seed of a giant redwood tree will lie dormant until it’s been burned by flames. These pinecones need to feel the fires of adversity if they are to grow!

Part 7 - 11/18/14

Discover how God’s Word can kindle our faith into an unquenchable fire

In order to build a fire that offers light and warmth, we first need fuel to ignite the flame!

Part 8 - 11/19/14

The benefits of a faith that has gone through the fire

Just like a precious metal, God may run us through the refinery in order to purify our faith. And the process can be quite painful. See your trials in a new way.

Part 9 - 11/20/14

A moving story about God’s miraculous comfort in the midst of personal pain

Even into the most intense, fiery trials of our lives, God brings refreshing splashes of joy. Hear a real-life illustration of God’s love.

Part 10 - 11/21/14

Discover the bright future God has for each of us!

There are times in life when our burdens and trials have drained us, and we feel like we cannot take another step. Discover biblical encouragement to keep going! Join the group for the final conversation in our series, “Unquenchable.”

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