Series What is Faith?

Discover the Word's Haddon Robinson says that the statement "the just shall live by faith" is one of the Bible's great ideas. It is found in several places throughout the Scriptures, including the New Testament book of Hebrews. But what is "faith?" Does is matter what or whom we have faith in? What does it mean to live by it? And how about the times in life when trusting God and having faith in Him is so very difficult? Join Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan around the table for an encouraging discussion on what it means to live by faith as followers of Christ.

Dates October 7 - November 18, 2013
# of Programs 31
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
Text Hebrews 11
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Part 1 - 10/07/13

Discover an intriguing look at the battle for the mind

Part 2 - 10/08/13

It’s all about strengthening your faith

Part 3 - 10/09/13

It’s all about receiving what God has already done!

Part 4 - 10/10/13

Let’s take a look at God’s remarkable forgiveness towards those who least deserve it

Part 5 - 10/11/13

Let’s get back to the core message of the gospel

Part 6 - 10/14/13

How do we go about earning our way into God’s favor?

Part 7 - 10/15/13

Let’s take another look at God’s incredible grace and forgiveness

Part 8 - 10/16/13

Looking at God’s plan of salvation throughout the Old and New Testaments

Part 9 - 10/17/13

How our life goal is the same as the men and women of the Bible; those heroes of the faith

Part 10 - 10/18/13

An illustration of how faith plays an important part in loving the unlovely

Part 11 - 10/21/13

Faith and God’s ultimate promise

Part 12 - 10/22/13

Living a life of faith in a world that tries to undermine our beliefs

Part 13 - 10/23/13

How to embrace the life of faith and keep our eyes on Jesus

Part 14 - 10/24/13

The struggle involved when deciding to follow Jesus

Part 15 - 10/25/13

Let’s tackle some of these tough issues of faith

Part 16 - 10/28/13

What it takes to put our hope in the promises of God

Part 17 - 10/29/13

Discover the influence we have on other people’s walk with God

Part 18 - 10/30/13

Explore the danger of turning our faith into a performance for others

Part 19 - 10/31/13

A lively discussion about faith in the goodness of God

Part 20 - 11/01/13

Let’s take an insightful look at the life of faith

Part 21 - 11/04/13

Discover the elements that make up a firm belief in the promises of God

Part 22 - 11/05/13

Looking for evidence for the reliability of the Christian faith?

Part 23 - 11/06/13

Is faith in God a blind leap into the unknown?

Part 24 - 11/07/13

Let’s discuss the questions we all must answer

Part 25 - 11/08/13

Let’s look at the difference between a belief in something and a trust in Jesus Christ

Part 26 - 11/11/13

An insightful discussion on how our faith is, or isn’t, evident in the way we live

Part 27 - 11/12/13

The issue of sin in the life of the faithful follower of Christ

Part 28 - 11/13/13

Let’s look at the life of faith when your days feel monotonous

Part 29 - 11/14/13

Embracing God’s one-of-a-kind design for our lives

Part 30 - 11/15/13

Looking at some of the common struggles of those who put their faith in God

Part 31 - 11/18/13

Let’s reflect on God’s consistent love in the midst of our inconsistent faith

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