Series What Jesus Said About Being Good Enough—Anger, Lust, Marriage, Divorce

What does it take to be “good enough” for God’s kingdom? Do you think you've arrived at "good enough?" Well, this is the crucial issue Jesus addresses in his Sermon on the Mount. In Matthew 5, we find Jesus promoting a whole new way of looking at what it takes to have a right relationship with God. Join the Discover the Word group of Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan for a discussion of how you can think Christianly, not legally.

Dates August 1 - September 15, 2011
# of Programs 34
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
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Part 1 - 08/01/11

Jesus’ definition of good, and if it’s ever possible for us to be good enough

Part 2 - 08/02/11

Find practical guidance for today from Jesus’ teaching to the Pharisees

Part 3 - 08/03/11

Discover the unique teaching formats Jesus used to speak to the very first Christians

Part 4 - 08/04/11

Shedding light on Jesus’ teaching about speaking in anger

Part 5 - 08/05/11

An intriguing discussion about the seriousness of unbridled anger

Part 6 - 08/08/11

Gain a fresh perspective on what Jesus said about heaven and hell

Part 7 - 08/09/11

Be part of this fascinating study of the Sermon on the Mount

Part 8 - 08/10/11

Weighing the outcome of this crucial decision: to love or reject God

Part 9 - 08/11/11

Let’s look at Jesus’ example of what righteous anger looks like

Part 10 - 08/12/11

Discover how to appropriately express righteous anger

Part 11 - 08/15/11

Find out why reconciliation is an important part of the Christian life

Part 12 - 08/16/11

Discover the biblical prescription for clearing up disagreements

Part 13 - 08/17/11

Uncover practical tools for mending relationships

Part 14 - 08/18/11

Discover a helpful perspective for repairing broken relationships

Part 15 - 08/19/11

A timely discussion on the dangers of lust

Part 16 - 08/22/11

What Jesus said about lust, and getting our hearts and minds into alignment with God’s original plan

Part 17 - 08/23/11

Discover practical ways we can work with God to deal with lust

Part 18 - 08/24/11

Why do people allow sin to control their lives?

Part 19 - 08/25/11

Discover the sensitive issues addressed in Jesus’ teachings in the Sermon on the Mount

Part 20 - 08/26/11

How to interpret the biblical passages on divorce and remarriage

Part 21 - 08/29/11

Let’s talk about divorce, and what Jesus taught on this sensitive and timeless subject

Part 22 - 08/30/11

Looking at divorce and remarriage in the context of the Sermon on the Mount

Part 23 - 08/31/11

Let’s discuss the sensitive issue of working through difficulties in marriage

Part 24 - 09/01/11

Discover how our attitude impacts the way we deal with sensitive issues

Part 25 - 09/02/11

Discover how using the Beatitudes as our guide can change the way we respond to our loved ones

Part 26 - 09/05/11

What we can learn from Jesus’ teaching on divorce?

Part 27 - 09/06/11

A timely discussion on divorce from Jesus’ teaching in Matthew chapter five

Part 28 - 09/07/11

Garner helpful advice for your marriage from the apostle Paul

Part 29 - 09/08/11

Find help for how to handle sticky relational issues

Part 30 - 09/09/11

Let’s explore what the Bible says about divorce and remarriage

Part 31 - 09/12/11

Discover why it’s dangerous to assume the Bible is one big rule book

Part 32 - 09/13/11

Making decisions based on loving others

Part 33 - 09/14/11

Discover how Christians can respond to the controversial issues of our day

Part 34 - 09/15/11

Effective ways to become a bright light in your community

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