What Jesus Said About Being Good Enough—Anger, Lust, Marriage, Divorce

Jesus’ definition of good, and if it’s ever possible for us to be good enough

No matter how good our behavior is, it pales in comparison to a holy God! Let's revisit Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

Find practical guidance for today from Jesus’ teaching to the Pharisees

It’s good to go to church on Sunday and read our Bible regularly, but when we set these actions up as self-made rules that must be followed, we’ve missed the point. Unravel Jesus’ teaching to the Pharisees in Matthew chapter five.

Discover the unique teaching formats Jesus used to speak to the very first Christians

Jesus’ teaching style is effective and unique. It draws us into the learning process, rather than telling us all the answers up front.

Shedding light on Jesus’ teaching about speaking in anger

If you’ve been wounded by hurtful language or verbal abuse, you know the pain it can cause. Let's shed light on Jesus’ teaching in Matthew chapter five.

An intriguing discussion about the seriousness of unbridled anger

Words are powerful. And according to the teaching of Jesus, words said in anger can be just as destructive as physically hurting someone. Let' continue a thought-provoking study of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Jesus takes unbridled anger seriously, and we should too!

Gain a fresh perspective on what Jesus said about heaven and hell

It’s the party of the century, and you’ve been invited! But you’re busy and claim to have better things to do. That is, until you hear what a great time everyone had!

Be part of this fascinating study of the Sermon on the Mount

The idea of hell may conjure images of eternal pain and torment. But according to the “Discover the Word” team, Jesus described a different picture when He talked about hell.

Weighing the outcome of this crucial decision: to love or reject God

We make decisions every day. But no choice is more life-impacting or full of eternal significance than our choice to love—or reject—God. Let's weigh the outcome of this crucial decision.

Let’s look at Jesus’ example of what righteous anger looks like

In Matthew chapter five, Jesus emphasizes the seriousness of flying off the handle. But is there ever a situation where anger would be warranted?

Discover how to appropriately express righteous anger

We all lose our cool from time to time. But according to the “Discover the Word” team, we need to be mindful of not just what we say, but how we communicate it!

Find out why reconciliation is an important part of the Christian life

If you’ve been a member of a church for long you know it’s not always easy to get along with other Christians! Let's study Jesus’ illustrations in the Sermon on the Mount.

Discover the biblical prescription for clearing up disagreements

The process of reconciliation can sometimes be messy, but according to Scripture, the health of our relationships is important to God! Perhaps there’s someone you need to get right with.

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