Series Why Should I Forgive

Have you ever been hurt by something someone said or did? Or have you ever hurt someone else by your words or actions? Sometimes the pain goes so deep that forgiveness seems impossible. In this series of discussions, Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan take a look at two passages in the New Testament that outline a process of forgiveness that Jesus gave us. What does it mean to forgive? And how does one forgive? Explore how forgiven people can be forgiving people with the Discover the Word group.

Dates March 14 - April 29, 2011
# of Programs 34
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan, and Tim Jackson
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Part 1 - 03/14/11

Beginning a new series on forgiveness and caring for your relationships

Part 2 - 03/15/11

How to handle confrontation in a biblical manner

Part 3 - 03/16/11

Practical tools for getting through tough conversations

Part 4 - 03/17/11

Find a biblical way to confront a fellow believer

Part 5 - 03/18/11

Let’s uncover the biblical process of confrontation

Part 6 - 03/21/11

Timely tools for dealing with confrontation

Part 7 - 03/22/11

Discover the process of restoring relationships

Part 8 - 03/23/11

Let’s look at biblical reconciliation, and how it impacts our relationships

Part 9 - 03/24/11

When is it necessary to involve church leadership in resolving conflict?

Part 10 - 03/25/11

Discover what Jesus taught about confrontation and restoration

Part 11 - 03/28/11

Let’s uncover one of four factors involved in true repentance

Part 12 - 03/29/11

What is the relationship between repenting and forgiveness?

Part 13 - 03/30/11

Discover the process of healing relationships and the need for confession

Part 14 - 03/31/11

Looking at confessing sin, repenting, and finding forgiveness

Part 15 - 04/01/11

A dramatic illustration about what it means to truly turn from your sin

Part 16 - 04/04/11

The importance of forgiveness and the danger in refusing to forgive

Part 17 - 04/05/11

Discover the positive effect of developing the habit of forgiveness

Part 18 - 04/06/11

What it means to forgive, and moving forward with a restored relationship

Part 19 - 04/07/11

Where do consequences come into the process of forgiveness?

Part 20 - 04/08/11

Helpful tools for releasing resentment and offering true forgiveness

Part 21 - 04/11/11

Taking a closer look at why forgiveness is so difficult

Part 22 - 04/12/11

An in-depth look at what it means to forgive

Part 23 - 04/13/11

In order to understand forgiveness we need to be clear about what is, and is not sin

Part 24 - 04/14/11

Discover the importance of repenting when we’re wrong, and forgiving when we’ve been wronged

Part 25 - 04/15/11

Experiencing Christ’s forgiveness and extending it to others

Part 26 - 04/18/11

How repentance plays a key role in our ability to forgive

Part 27 - 04/19/11

How to find freedom from bitterness in hurtful situations

Part 28 - 04/20/11

Discover the power in the loving, forgiving life of a follower of Christ

Part 29 - 04/21/11

Uncovering the truth behind restoring relationships

Part 30 - 04/25/11

Forgiving someone who hasn’t repented

Part 31 - 04/26/11

Discover the biblical mandate of mercy

Part 32 - 04/27/11

Discover the most appropriate response of a truly forgiven person

Part 33 - 04/28/11

Let’s talk about forgiveness and boundaries

Part 34 - 04/29/11

Forgiveness is costly, but not forgiving can cost even more

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