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Worried? Most of us are. About our lives and about the lives of those we love. We worry about our world, our country, our town and our neighborhood. We worry about our families – spouse, son, daughter, parents. We worry about our paychecks – or lack of them. We worry about our health – which just makes our health worse. And yet we love God and trust Jesus in oh-so-many ways! How do we deal with this worrisome business? In Matthew 6, Jesus turns His sermon on the mount to the topic of worry and in His words, we find help.

Dates September 9-13, 2019
# of Programs 5
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder and Daniel Ryan Day
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Part 1 - 09/09/19

How Do We Deal With The Overwhelming Presence Of Worry?

We worry about our world, our families, our finances, our health, and the list goes on. So how do we deal with the overwhelming presence of worry in our lives? Today on Discover the Word, the team gets advice on dealing with worry from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. Join us for a series called, “Worrisome Business” today on Discover the Word!

Part 2 - 09/10/19

Do We Really Have To Worry About Life Stresses?

Paying the bills, putting food on the table, keeping a roof over your head, there’s a whole lot to worry about, isn’t there? Well today on Discover the Word, we suggest that while we do have plenty of things to worry about, maybe we don’t have to worry about them. Take your seat at the table today for Discover the Word!

Part 3 - 09/11/19

How Do You Rely On God In Times Of Trouble?

When the stresses of life become overbearing, our natural instinct is to want to do something. But the “self-help” route isn’t always fruitful. Today on Discover the Word,we explore how to rely on God in times of trouble. Another great discussion from the series called, “Worrisome Business” today  on Discover the Word!

Part 4 - 09/12/19

Seeking God First

Whenever we get caught in a difficult circumstance, we immediately look for a way out. But rather than seeking an end to our problems, what if we tried seeking God? Today on Discover the Word, we will discuss what Jesus meant when He said, “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.” Tune in today for Discover the Word!

Part 5 - 09/13/19

Enjoy Today

Calendars make it easy for us to plan months, even years in advance. And planning is good, except for when we live fretting about the future and forget to live and enjoy today. Well, today on Discover the Word, the team will encourage us not to worry about tomorrow, because each day has enough trouble of its own. Don’t miss the conclusion of our series called, “Worrisome Business” today  on Discover the Word!

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