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The Bible gives us a strong role model of influence in Mary, the Mother of Christ. Here we see a woman who – whether in private or in public - put one foot in front of another and walked steadily toward God’s desires. In one astonishing moment of surrender, and then throughout her days on the planet, we see a woman who said “Yes!” But let’s be clear. Her “yeses” were not blind submission and they certainly were not her only response. She said no at times in order to say yes when it mattered. Hers was not an easy journey. She wasn’t gifted with unconditional trust or instantaneous understanding. Rather, scripture reveals a layered learning, which begins with a terror-struck yielding and then progresses into a gradual comprehension as Mary “treasures” (stores up) events and “ponders” them (threads together) in her heart.

Dates August 3-14, 2015
# of Programs 10
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder
Text Luke 1-2
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Part 1 - 08/03/15

A balanced perspective of Mary, the mother of Jesus

When it comes to Mary, mother of Jesus, people often react to her in extremes. One group downplays her significance, and another group exalts her in a way that Scripture does not necessarily support. Let’s honor this woman of God and learn some lessons Mary has to teach us in this new series.

Part 2 - 08/04/15

A dramatic encounter between Gabriel and Mary

Imagine that day, when out of the blue, a young girl in a small town in Israel is visited by none other than the angel Gabriel, and he proclaims to her: “You will conceive in your womb and bear a son . . . and He will be called Son of the Most High.” What can we learn from Mary’s response?

Part 3 - 08/05/15

Mary: A story of great faith

Being the mother of Jesus must have been an incredible honor for Mary. Watching her Savior grow up must have filled her with joy. Join us as we listen to how Mary learned obedience as we dive into Luke chapter two.

Part 4 - 08/06/15

A faithful disciple of Jesus

This week we’re talking about Mary, mother of Jesus, because, you know, she’s not just for Christmastime. Today we are reminded that even Jesus’ mom became a faithful disciple of her Son.

Part 5 - 08/07/15

A God who does the impossible

Sometimes in life our doubts and feelings of inadequacy can roll in like waves, and we can feel that our circumstances are just impossible. But the encouragement that God gave to Mary the mother of Jesus, a long time ago, is a message for us too!

Part 6 - 08/10/15

Saying “yes” to God

When we say “yes” to God’s call, that often means we have to say “no” to something that could hinder our commitment. Listen in today to learn from the faith of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Her life of faith was a daily pattern of saying “yes” to God, and “no” to unbelief.

Part 7 - 08/11/15

How Mary said “no” to shame

It took great faith for Mary to accept God’s will for her life—to be pregnant with the Savior, Jesus, and yet unmarried. What would Joseph say and feel? Not to mention everyone else? Mary would have to trust God despite the shadow of shame.

Part 8 - 08/12/15

How worry strangles our faith

I think it’s safe to say that there are plenty of things you could worry about. However, on we are reminded that worry can strangle our faith. Don’t miss this important conversation on saying “no” to worry as we continue our series.

Part 9 - 08/13/15

An inspiring look at Mary’s life

Think of all the moments in Mary’s life when she must have stopped to consider what God’s plans were for her son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Mary went from a tender mother of a young boy to a sometimes-perplexed follower of her own son as Lord. Join us today on “Discover the Word” for another edifying discussion.

Part 10 - 08/14/15

Discover how to imitate Mary

The Christian life is more than a one-time decision to follow Jesus. It’s a daily affirmation. It also requires us saying a daily “no” to anything that hinders our faith in God. Join us today on “Discover the Word” as we conclude our study on Mary, the mother of Jesus, and how she consistently said “yes” to God.

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