Series Your Work Matters to God

How many hours did you spend working last week? 20? 40? 60? Research shows that work will likely take up more of your waking hours than anything else over the next 10 years. So, do you like your job? Are you fulfilled in it? Well, whether it is preaching behind a pulpit, leading worship, selling insurance, delivering mail, or changing diapers, it shouldn't be surprising that something that takes up so much of our life is certainly of interest to God. Join the Discover the Word group of Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan as they turn to the Bible and explore why and how much your work matters to God.

Dates January 11 - March 12, 2010
# of Programs 45
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
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Part 1 - 01/11/10

Does God Care About My Work?

Part 2 - 01/12/10

Discover How God Cares A Great Deal About Your Work

Part 3 - 01/13/10

A Fascinating Discussion About Your Occupation

Part 4 - 01/14/10

Take A Look At How Your Faith And Your Job Intersect

Part 5 - 01/15/10

Need To Find Some Significance In Your Job?

Part 6 - 01/18/10

Find Out What God’s Word Says About Vocation And Faith

Part 7 - 01/19/10

Our Work Matters To God!

Part 8 - 01/20/10

Gain A Renewed Perspective On God’s View Of Our Vocation And Faith

Part 9 - 01/21/10

Whatever Work God Has Given Us To Do, Let’s Do It With All Of Our Hearts!

Part 10 - 01/22/10

Let’s Take A Deeper Look At The Theology Of Work

Part 11 - 01/25/10

How Is Our Work A Partnership With God?

Part 12 - 01/26/10

A Compelling Discussion On God’s View Of Work

Part 13 - 01/27/10

Uncovering God’s Plan For The Responsibilities He’s Given Us

Part 14 - 01/28/10

Challenges We Face In Business As The Result Of Sin In The World

Part 15 - 01/29/10

Consider What The Bible Has To Say About Work

Part 16 - 02/01/10

The Importance Of Love And How To Live It Out Each Day With Focus

Part 17 - 02/02/10

What The Greatest Commandment Should Look Like In Our Daily Life

Part 18 - 02/03/10

How Can We Serve God In A Secular Work Place?

Part 19 - 02/04/10

What Does It Mean To Truly Express Love To Our Family And Our Neighbors?

Part 20 - 02/05/10

Find Out How Colossians Chapter 3 Applies To The Workplace

Part 21 - 02/08/10

Wondering If Your Employment Matters To God?

Part 22 - 02/09/10

Worship Is More Than A Sunday Morning Event, It’s A Way Of Life!

Part 23 - 02/10/10

An Invitation For Us To Offer Our Work In Worship To God

Part 24 - 02/11/10

Let’s Continue A Helpful Study On The Theology Of Work

Part 25 - 02/12/10

Discover Practical Truths We Can Apply To Our Job

Part 26 - 02/15/10

Is It Possible To Do Something You Love And Still Call It Work?

Part 27 - 02/16/10

Discover The Biblical Mandate To Care For Those In Need, Including Our Parents

Part 28 - 02/17/10

How The Income We Earn Could Equip Us To Help Others

Part 29 - 02/18/10

A Challenge For Us To Cultivate An Attitude Of Giving

Part 30 - 02/19/10

Encouragement To Cultivate Generosity, In Good Seasons And Bad

Part 31 - 02/22/10

Engaging Dialogue On The Theology Of Work

Part 32 - 02/23/10

All Of Our Work Matters To God!

Part 33 - 02/24/10

How Our Daily Tasks Can Be More Than A Means To An End

Part 34 - 02/25/10

Find Practical Help On Knowing The Will Of God For Your Life

Part 35 - 02/26/10

Serving God Starts Right Where You Are Today

Part 36 - 03/01/10

Is It Possible You’re Right Where God Wants You At This Very Moment?

Part 37 - 03/02/10

Understanding God’s Call On Our Lives

Part 38 - 03/03/10

What Does God’s Call On Our Lives Really Mean?

Part 39 - 03/04/10

Discover What The Bible Says About Our Employment

Part 40 - 03/05/10

What God’s Word Says About Employment, Giftedness, And How We Should Invest Our Talents

Part 41 - 03/08/10

An Insightful Conversation About Our Occupation

Part 42 - 03/09/10

The Importance Of Being Prepared When It Comes To Choosing A Job, Or Walking Away From One

Part 43 - 03/10/10

Discover A Fresh Perspective On Your Occupation

Part 44 - 03/11/10

Find Encouragement For Getting Through The Work Week In The Book Of Ephesians

Part 45 - 03/12/10

Discover How To Bring Meaning To Your Ordinary Work Day

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