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Seeing And Believing Part 5

Today on Discover the Word, we conclude this week’s study titled, “Seeing and Unseeing.” Learn how the “cautious disciple” Philip was changed by a personal relationship with Jesus and discover how you can find new confidence in your faith! Listen to Discover the Word today!

Seeing The Full Picture Part 4

Today on Discover the Word, the team talks about jigsaw puzzles. When we first start out, individual pieces just look like little blobs of color with jagged edges. But the more pieces we get the clearer the real picture becomes. Discover how Jesus revealed Himself piece by piece when you listen today to Discover the Word!

When The Numbers Don't Add Up Part 3

Two plus two equals four. Always. That’s the way the math works. But today on Discover the Word, the team will discuss “heavenly math” and how sometimes, when the numbers don’t seem to add up, we forgot to factor in God. Learn how your faith can grow when you listen today to Discover the Word!

Caution And Faith Working Together Part 2

As Christians, “stepping out in faith” is a part of our everyday language. But have you ever considered those who took the very first steps? Today on Discover the Word, we will help you get to know one of the very first people to respond to Jesus’s invitation, “follow Me.” How do caution and faith work together? Find out when you listen…

Philip The "Cautious Disciple" Part 1

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. That’s the lesson we’re learning today on Discover the Word. The team kicks off a new study on Jesus’s “cautious disciple,” Philip, and learns that when it comes to following Jesus, it’s worth taking some risks. Find the boldness to put your full trust in Christ when you listen today to Discover the Word!

Join In The "Prayer Dare" Part 10

For kids on the playground, there’s perhaps no more solemn a challenge than the “double dog dare.” Well, today on Discover the Word, we conclude the study on “The Prayer Coin,”  by issuing a dare to you. Will you take the “Prayer Dare”? It’s an encouraging edition of Discover the Word today!

". . . Yet Not My Will" Part 9

As Jesus knelt in the garden of Gethsemane, he offered an honest prayer, “take this cup from Me.” But he didn’t stop there. Today, on Discover the Word,  we will examine the flip side of Jesus’s prayer, “yet not my will.” Learn to pray with both sides of “The Prayer Coin,” like Jesus, when you listen today to Discover the Word!

Relinquishing Our Desires Into God's Capable Hands Part 8

Prayer is a vehicle for bringing our whole selves to God. In prayer, we can honestly make our requests known, while also relinquishing our desires into God’s capable hands. Today, on Discover the Word, we suggest that pivoting between both postures is necessary for a healthy prayer life. Join the discussion on Discover the Word!

Trusting God Through Life's Twists And Turns Part 7

Trust is formed over time. So, how do we build a foundation of trust in God that prepares us for life’s twists and turns? Today on Discover the Word, we'll look at the example of Jesus, to show us how to pray with both honesty and trust-filled abandon to His will. That’s today on Discover the Word!

Praying With Abandon Part 6

The night before His crucifixion, as Jesus knelt in anxious anticipation in the garden of Gethsemane,  He invited His disciples to join Him in prayer. And now, He’s inviting you. Today on Discover the Word, we continue the series, “The Prayer Coin,” with an important lesson on the “abandon” side of our communication with God. Listen to Discover the Word today!

"The Prayer Coin" Part 5

We all go through times when we struggle to pray . . . when we struggle to speak with God through our tears. Today on Discover the Word, the team will open their Bibles to continue a series on prayer called “The Prayer Coin.” Discover how we can find help in a two-sided prayer Christ prayed in His most difficult time on earth.…

Praying Under Pressure Part 4

You’ve probably heard that diamonds are created under extreme pressure. And today on Discover the Word, the team will show us that often our prayers are refined by trials. Join the team as they examine Christ’s most pressure-packed prayer and find help for our praying in life’s difficult times. Be part of the conversation about “The Prayer Coin” . . . today on Discover…

Heartfelt Cries And Unanswered Prayers Part 3

Do you ever struggle with unanswered prayers? Maybe you even wonder if God is listening to your heartfelt cries? Today on Discover the Word, we continue to explore one of Jesus’s prayers and discover that one of His requests went unanswered. Or did it? The two-sided nature of “The Prayer Coin”today on Discover the Word!

Honest And Real Prayer Part 2

What are the elements of a “good” prayer? Today on Discover the Word, the team will show us the two surprising characteristics of Jesus’s prayer in the garden of Gethsemane. We’re learning to make our conversations with God more honest and real. Be listening today to Discover the Word.

Praying Like Christ Part 1

Do you ever struggle with prayer? Today on Discover the Word, the team begins a brand-new series of conversations on "The Prayer Coin."  It’s a series about learning to pray like Christ, by looking at His most desperate moment of prayer. Revitalize your prayer life by being part of this series "The Prayer Coin" on Discover the Word!

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