Wednesday's Program

How our diligence and God’s assistance work together in our lives

April 23, 2014

They say, “God helps those who help themselves.” But is that actually true? An eye-opening study in Second Peter chapter one.

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Previous Programs

Looking at Second Peter chapter 1

April 22, 2014

Melodies. Word pictures. Repetition. These are all ways to commit important information to memory. Let’s explore one memory device the apostle Peter used to highlight an important biblical truth.

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Peter, an unlikely follower of the Lord who left a legacy of faith!

April 21, 2014

Jesus often chose the most unlikely characters to follow Him and make an impact for God. Let’s gather around the table to begin a study of the personal insights of the apostle Peter.

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Let’s look at the first Easter story from a fresh perspective

April 18, 2014

For those who’ve grown up in the church, the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection may have become overly familiar. Sometimes we forget the magnitude of His suffering on the cross! Let’s help restore the awe of Easter. We’re talking about “Malchus.”

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Let’s discuss the various ways Jesus gets us to pay attention

April 17, 2014

If you’ve ever spent time with a toddler you know that listening isn’t their strong suit! And unfortunately, even as adults we don’t always listen well.

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