Tuesday's Program

Discover insight into the identity of Jesus

July 22, 2014

Some people aren’t willing to admit that Jesus is the perfect Son of God. But they may agree that Jesus was a good teacher. Why we can’t call Jesus “good” without calling Him “Lord.”

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Previous Programs

Jesus’ encounter with a rich young man who thought he knew what it meant to follow God

July 21, 2014

The scientific community once believed that the earth was flat, and that leeches were good medicine. Obviously our perceptions don’t always match reality! Turns out a rich young man who thought he knew what it meant to follow the Lord was way off!

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Fresh insight into becoming a man or woman of wisdom

July 18, 2014

We all want to make wise choices, and not look foolish. But grasping true wisdom doesn’t always come naturally! Practical application from God’s Word.

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Discover how having wisdom impacts what we say

July 17, 2014

Our words can either build others up, or tear them down. Hear the challenging study in Proverbs 31.

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Discover why wisdom requires diligence

July 16, 2014

When we make today’s priorities tomorrow’s problem, and push deadlines to the last minute, we know procrastination has set in! It’s a practical reminder from Proverbs 31.

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