Series God Is At Work—The Story of Ruth Part 2—A “Chance” Meeting

Continue this series of Discover the Word conversations with Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan about an Old Testament story of three lives that converge in tragic circumstances. Explore how God provides for Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz in a way that will transform not only their lives, but change the world. In this second part of the story, Ruth, a poor foreign widow, meets Boaz, a wealthy Israelite who does not hesitate to show kindness. Pull up a chair and consider with us how we ourselves are called to show kindness.

Dates July 14 - September 13, 2010
# of Programs 44
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
Text Ruth 2
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Part 1 - 07/14/10

How God can take our past and redeem it for His glory

Part 2 - 07/15/10

Why it’s important to take care of those in need

Part 3 - 07/16/10

An engaging discussion about generosity

Part 4 - 07/19/10

Practical tools for developing a lifestyle of giving

Part 5 - 07/20/10

Discover the importance of cultivating a life of generosity

Part 6 - 07/21/10

Cultivating a spirit of generosity

Part 7 - 07/22/10

Discover more about Ruth, and her life of strength and character

Part 8 - 07/23/10

Enjoy a fascinating discussion on God’s role in our lives

Part 9 - 07/26/10

Gain a new perspective on your life as we study the book of Ruth

Part 10 - 07/27/10

Discover how you can make outsiders feel truly welcome

Part 11 - 07/28/10

If Jesus came to your home or church, would you welcome Him?

Part 12 - 07/29/10

No matter what you’ve done, Jesus welcomes you with open arms

Part 13 - 07/30/10

Are you paralyzed with fear, trying to measure up?

Part 14 - 08/02/10

Unraveling an apparent contradiction

Part 15 - 08/03/10

Get a fresh perspective on the Law from the book of Ruth

Part 16 - 08/04/10

Explore the difficulties that arise when different cultures collide

Part 17 - 08/05/10

Welcoming those who are different

Part 18 - 08/06/10

An important discussion on questions about our faith

Part 19 - 08/09/10

Can you recall experiences that reveal the unmistakable fingerprints of God in your life?

Part 20 - 08/10/10

A closer look at the interactions Boaz had with those who worked for him

Part 21 - 08/11/10

The dramatic moment when Boaz and Ruth met

Part 22 - 08/12/10

Translate ancient Hebrew to gain a better understanding of the book of Ruth

Part 23 - 08/13/10

Find hope for living a life of faith in the midst of an unbelieving generation

Part 24 - 08/16/10

Gain a whole new perspective on the life of Ruth

Part 25 - 08/17/10

How is the Proverbs 31 woman misunderstood by our generation?

Part 26 - 08/18/10

An insightful look into the character of Ruth

Part 27 - 08/19/10

Reflect on the patience and determination of Ruth and find practical application for your life

Part 28 - 08/20/10

A helpful lesson on respect in our relationships

Part 29 - 08/23/10

Discover how culture and democracy shape our view of God and His Word

Part 30 - 08/24/10

Receive powerful lessons for life from the book of Ruth

Part 31 - 08/25/10

Have you transferred your issues with human authority over to God?

Part 32 - 08/26/10

An insightful look at the first encounter of Ruth and Boaz

Part 33 - 08/27/10

Gain insight from the book of Ruth on how to interact with others

Part 34 - 08/30/10

How God uses a surrendered life

Part 35 - 08/31/10

What it means to have the gift of encouragement

Part 36 - 09/01/10

Enjoy an illustration of what the Discover the Word team calls the “gift of helps”

Part 37 - 09/02/10

Discover what it means to have the “gift of helps”

Part 38 - 09/03/10

Knowing how to help others without offending them

Part 39 - 09/06/10

The art of expressing our gratitude

Part 40 - 09/07/10

Discover the lasting impact when we welcome others around our table

Part 41 - 09/08/10

The Old Testament word “hesed,” and the profound meaning it has for us today

Part 42 - 09/09/10

Explore the art of translation, and the implications it has on understanding God’s Word

Part 43 - 09/10/10

A thought-provoking conversation on God’s provision

Part 44 - 09/13/10

How we can share God’s loving-kindness with those around us

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