God’s Calm in Life’s Chaos

Let’s discuss the confidence we have in the presence and goodness of God

We may wake up fully convinced that we’re safe, protected, and cared for. But as the day’s trials begin, our confidence sometimes withers away. Let's turn to Psalm 46 and find true security in the presence and goodness of God.

Let’s search Psalm 46 to learn exactly where God is when we need Him the most

“Where is God when life hurts?” It’s a question we’ve all asked at one time or another. The answer may surprise you! Join us for an eye-opening discussion.

Discover how to reclaim a sense of biblical peace!

Life can reach a frenetic pace sometimes. Caught up in the craziness and hurry-up lifestyle, we can feel pushed and pulled in every direction. It’s a look at God’s call to “be still.”

Discover your place of refuge

Ever wished you had a secret place you could run to, in order to escape the chaos of life? Or to simply catch your breath? Well, discover that such a place exists, and is waiting for you!

Why God sometimes forces His kids to be still

Parents know that young kids won’t volunteer to take naps. Even if a child is exhausted, he’ll resist slowing down. Often, mom and dad may have to make a child lay down! God knows when we need the rest!