Episode Hopefully

Small word--big concept. This week Rasool Berry guides the group through some conversations about... hope, and discovers that the Bible teaches that hope shines the brightest when it seems to be needed the most. But there are a lot of things that can challenge our ability to hope, so pull your chair up to the table and be part of the group for this study called "Hopefully..."

Dates March 11-15, 2024
At The Table Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, Daniel Ryan Day and Rasool Berry
Text Isaiah 40
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Chapter 1

What are some of the most common words you associate with the Bible? For many of us, the word “hope” comes to mind. But for being a simple four-letter word, there are plenty of times when it seems almost impossible to understand, right? This week the Discover the Word team starts their hopeful exploration through times in Scripture when all seemed lost . . . and how hope was really a lot closer than they realized.

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Chapter 2

If we had a choice, most of us would choose a life of comfort over chaos. But what happens when disorder becomes our reality and there seems to be no end in sight? Well, in today’s conversation, we look at a point in Israel’s history where hope was pretty scarce . . . but all the chaos was actually preparing God’s people for something later down the line.

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Chapter 3

How good is your sense of direction? Have you ever taken so many wrong turns while driving somewhere, you end up feeling completely lost and alone in an unfamiliar place? Well, losing hope is a lot like that! Join us today as we explore the ways God’s presence can be felt in the most unlikely places when it seems like we’re lost.

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Chapter 4

When you think about royalty, what are the first things that come to mind? Kings and Queens? Gold? Extravagant parties? That type of lifestyle seems pretty fascinating. But what if we told you there is a kingdom much greater than any that has existed on earth . . . and you have an open invitation to a ball it’s hosting! Come meet a great King who’s not only willing to give you a piece . . . but all of His kingdom.

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Chapter 5

We love telling the stories of times when our dreams and plans were finally fulfilled after years and years of waiting. So what is it that helps us endure all the waiting and uncertainty? Well, hope probably has something to do with it! Come along with us as we explore the connections between hope and strength . . . and how times of waiting may be the very thing that ties them together.

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