Series How Much Do You Need? The Danger of Coveting

The last of the Ten Commandments is “You shall not covet.” But what’s really so bad about coveting? Isn't the ambition to want more and better the drive that fuels improvement? Join the Discover the Word group of Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan as they talk about the dangers of coveting. Learn the symptoms of this disease, and turn with us to some New Testament passages to look for a diagnosis and treatment. Don’t let your desire for more destroy your relationship with God--Discover the Word with the group.

Dates June 10 - September 1, 2009
# of Programs 60
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
Text Exodus 20
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Part 1 - 06/10/09

Beginning A New Series On The Tenth Commandment, “You Shall Not Covet”

Part 2 - 06/11/09

Where Is The Line Drawn Between Healthy Desires And Unhealthy Ones?

Part 3 - 06/12/09

Take An Insightful Look Into The Tenth Commandment

Part 4 - 06/15/09

Discover How Covetousness Is At The Heart Of Materialism

Part 5 - 06/16/09

A Fresh Perspective On Enjoying What God Has Given You, Without Going Overboard

Part 6 - 06/17/09

The Warning Signs Of A Covetous Spirit, And How To Step Back And Avoid Getting In Too Deep

Part 7 - 06/18/09

Taming The Green-eyed Monster That Lurks In Each Of Our Hearts

Part 8 - 06/19/09

The Tentative Relationship Between Happiness And Possessions

Part 9 - 06/22/09

The Sin Of Covetousness And Its Dangerous Effect On Our Lives

Part 10 - 06/23/09

What Followers Of God Can Do To Keep Their “wants” From Becoming Obsessions

Part 11 - 06/24/09

Looking At The Dissatisfaction That Comes From Coveting

Part 12 - 06/25/09

Uncover The Symptoms Of Coveting That Reveal Its Toxic Presence In Our Lives

Part 13 - 06/26/09

Discover How To Keep From Letting Our “wants” Get In The Way Of Our Service To God And Others

Part 14 - 06/29/09

Discover What It Means To Be Content With What We Have



Part 15 - 06/30/09

Do You Have An Attitude Towards Finances That Honors God?

Part 16 - 07/01/09

Need A New Perspective On Possessions?

Part 17 - 07/02/09

Discover God’s Will For Your Bank Account

Part 18 - 07/03/09

A Candid Conversation About Money And Its Effects On Our Lives

Part 19 - 07/06/09

Realizing That Only An Authentic Reliance Upon God Truly Satisfies

Part 20 - 07/07/09

Outward Signs That Reveal Envy In Our Hearts And Challenge Us To Examine Our Attitudes

Part 21 - 07/08/09

What Happens When We Focus On Things We Don’t Have, And Don’t Need?

Part 22 - 07/09/09

Bringing The Tenth Commandment, “you Shall Not Covet,” Right Into Our Homes



Part 23 - 07/10/09

The Desires Of Our Heart And Staying Focused On What Really Matters

Part 24 - 07/13/09

An Important Discussion About The Difficulties Of Serving Two Masters



Part 25 - 07/14/09

A Prescription For Overcoming Worry

Part 26 - 07/15/09

Look To Scripture And Find Reassurance That God Will Meet Your Every Need

Part 27 - 07/16/09

Look At The Life Of Paul, A Man Who Appeared To Have It All Together, But Needed God’s Grace

Part 28 - 07/17/09

The Profound Impact Of God’s Grace On Our Lives

Part 29 - 07/20/09

Setting Ourselves Free, As We Improve The Attitude Of Our Heart

Part 30 - 07/21/09

Discover Why Only God Can Fill The Void In Our Lives

Part 31 - 07/22/09

How God Can And Will Meet Our Deepest Longings

Part 32 - 07/23/09

The Importance Of Keeping A Godly Perspective On Wealth

Part 33 - 07/24/09

The Story Of A Man Who Sets His Sights On More, And Ends Up Losing Everything

Part 34 - 07/27/09

What Does It Mean To Have Freedom In Relationships?

Part 35 - 07/28/09

What It Means To Have True Freedom, Even From The Accumulation Of Stuff

Part 36 - 07/29/09

Discover The Difference Between Our Attitudes And Actions, And How They Affect Our Relationship With God

Part 37 - 07/30/09

How The Involuntary Responses We Have Reveal Attitudes In Our Heart

Part 38 - 07/31/09

Discover How To Steer Clear Of Those Dangerous Situations That Lead Us Into Sin

Part 39 - 2009/08/03

How Do You Balance Ambition And Faith?

Part 40 - 08/04/09

The Danger Of Linking Financial Prosperity And God’s Blessing

Part 41 - 08/05/09

An In-depth Discussion On That Elusive Quality, Contentment

Part 42 - 08/06/09

Discover What It Means To Be Truly Content

Part 43 - 08/07/09

An Important Warning Against Covetousness

Part 44 - 08/10/09

How To Effectively Build Into Those We Love

Part 45 - 08/11/09

Taking An Honest Look At Our Priorities

Part 46 - 08/12/09

Discover How To Win The Battle Over Jealousy And Envy

Part 47 - 08/13/09

Discover How A Jealous Attitude Can Ultimately Cause Destruction In Our Lives

Part 48 - 08/14/09

Are You Struggling To Trust God With Your Future?

Part 49 - 08/17/09

Personal Stories Of God’s Provision

Part 50 - 08/18/09

Uncover The Root Of Envy, And How It Breeds Discontentment

Part 51 - 08/19/09

Finding True Contentment And The Cure For Covetousness

Part 52 - 08/20/09

Learning To Put Our Confidence In God, Rather Than Things

Part 53 - 08/21/09

Discover How The Ten Commandments Illustrate Love In Action

Part 54 - 08/24/09

Taking A Look At The Areas Of Our Culture That Are Run By Greed And Envy

Part 55 - 08/25/09

A Thought-provoking Discussion On Contentment, In Good Times And Bad

Part 56 - 08/26/09

A Timely Reminder Of Who’s Behind Temptation

Part 57 - 08/27/09

Keeping The Right Perspective When It Comes To Obtaining Riches

Part 58 - 08/28/09

The Dangers Of Building Our Lives Around Wealth

Part 59 - 08/31/09

The Repercussions Of Putting Money Ahead Of Our Affection For God

Part 60 - 090109

Learning To Trust God With Our Finances, Possessions And Desires

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