Episode Taste and See | Week 1

We never thought something so critical to survival, like food, would cause so many problems. Whether it’s an eating disorder, addiction, or intolerance, it’s time to look to God and learn how to have a healthy relationship with food. 

Join us on Discover the Word as we learn how to have a healthy, biblical perspective of food.

Dates 5/29-6/9/23
At The Table Mart De Haan, Elisa Morgan, Daniel Ryan Day and guest Margaret Feinberg
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Chapter 1

We love the taste of our favorite foods and enjoy sharing meals with friends and family. But sometimes food allergies, disorders, and hang-ups can make the simple act of fueling our bodies complicated. In this chapter, you’ll hear author Margaret Feinberg’s fresh, heavenly perspective on food.

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Chapter 2

Some meals are all about the food. While others connect something else to the foods we eat—a person or event worth remembering. In this chapter, you’ll discover how Passover and the Lord’s Supper remind us of our freedom in Christ!

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Chapter 3

The Bible is full of rich symbolism and beautiful metaphors. Nothing—not even food—can always be taken at face value! In this chapter, Margaret Feinberg explains what Jesus and date palms have in common.

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Chapter 4

Olive oil is a popular ingredient in many of today’s meals. But in some parts of the world, olive oil is used for more than just cooking. In this chapter, you’ll discuss the healing properties of olive oil and explore the rich imagery that olive oil invokes in various passages of Scripture.

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Chapter 5

People have been cultivating olives for thousands of years. And olives played an especially important role during Jesus’ time. In this chapter, you’ll find out what the olive trees that surrounded Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane can teach us about forgiveness.

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