Series What Jesus Said About Your Money

When Jesus was on earth, he talked a lot about money and possessions. In fact, he once told a story about a steward who gets fired from his job, and then does some less than ethical things to his employer in hopes of landing himself another job. So, what was Jesus getting at, and why did He tell this story? Is he promoting dishonesty and shady business practices? In this series of conversations, Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan are joined by Pastor Jeff Manion as they dig into Luke 16 looking for some answers. Discover a new way of thinking about your money and possessions with the Discover the Word group.

Dates September 16 - October 28, 2011
# of Programs 31
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan, and Jeff Manion
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Part 1 - 09/16/11

Asking the right questions to truly understand what the Bible has to say

Part 2 - 09/19/11

Discover what Jesus taught about money and stewardship

Part 3 - 09/20/11

Let’s talk about Jesus’ parable of the shrewd manager

Part 4 - 09/21/11

What is a “steward”? The answer may surprise you!

Part 5 - 09/22/11

An interesting perspective on “what’s mine”

Part 6 - 09/23/11

Do we have the “right” to own our house, our car, and all our personal belongings?

Part 7 - 09/26/11

Discover what it means to be a steward

Part 8 - 09/27/11

How our perspective changes when we view our resources as belonging to God

Part 9 - 09/28/11

Gaining a new perspective on the blessings we’ve been given

Part 10 - 09/29/11

Discover the biblical idea of stewardship

Part 11 - 09/30/11

Discover the positive characteristics of a shrewd manager

Part 12 - 10/03/11

Discover what it means to be shrewd, and how Jesus intended His followers to respond

Part 13 - 10/04/11

Let’s learn a few things about shrewd planning from Jesus’ teaching in Luke sixteen

Part 14 - 10/05/11

How to be shrewd stewards of the resources God’s given us

Part 15 - 10/06/11

Discover long-term benefits for investing resources

Part 16 - 10/07/11

Learning the value of friends

Part 17 - 10/10/11

Discover what Jesus had to say about investing wisely!

Part 18 - 10/11/11

Discover what happens when we support God’s work here on earth

Part 19 - 10/12/11

Find out how shrewd financial planning can help lead people to Christ

Part 20 - 10/13/11

Jesus desires to embrace the lost with hope and compassion

Part 21 - 10/14/11

Let’s unravel the profound lessons in Jesus’ parable of the shrewd manager

Part 22 - 10/17/11

Let’s look at Jesus’ wise counsel on managing money

Part 23 - 10/18/11

Do you need help getting a better handle on financial priorities?

Part 24 - 10/19/11

Discover what it means to be faithful with our God-given resources

Part 25 - 10/20/11

Timeless principles from Scripture for managing your money

Part 26 - 10/21/11

Looking at the way we manage the “little things,” reflects our character

Part 27 - 10/24/11

Jesus’ perspective on building character

Part 28 - 10/25/11

What Jesus says about money, and His concern for how we use our finances

Part 29 - 10/26/11

Having a right perspective on our finances

Part 30 - 10/27/11

Direction on how to keep our finances in proper perspective

Part 31 - 10/28/11

Concluding an in-depth study on Jesus’ teaching on stewardship

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