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Discover why Jesus said that by judging others, we may be judging ourselves!

Often the reason we can pick out certain faults in others is because we struggle with those very same issues.

The process and product of the providence of God

When an overwhelming need is met, or a major obstacle is overcome, it’s evident that God is at work. But can we see His provision in the ordinary events of our everyday lives?

Find freedom in Jesus’ teaching on not being anxious about the future

With the help of calendars, we map out our schedule for the days and weeks to come. So how can we plan ahead without bringing additional worry and anxiety to today? Insight from Matthew, chapter 6.

Let’s look at seven reasons in Scripture for why we should not be anxious about our future

When we agonize over a situation—whether it’s financial, relational, or medical—we usually have a good reason to worry! Don’t miss the real-life application from Matthew 6.

Discover what spiritual sickness is and how it is affecting Americans

Illnesses like influenza, smallpox, and bubonic plague have all been national epidemics at some time in history. Be here for the diagnosis of the spiritual sickness that is affecting Americans on a much larger scale.

Find the true meaning behind Jesus’ promise of provision in Matthew 6

There may be some people who argue that God always wants us to be healthy and wealthy, but is that what the Bible teaches?

Discover what it means to represent God’s heavenly kingdom

A good ambassador will faithfully promote the priorities of their native country, all while living on foreign soil. Insightful lessons from the book of Matthew.

What does it mean to seek God’s will for our lives?

As followers of Christ, we’re called to pursue God’s righteousness. But what does that really mean? See how reflecting God’s righteousness makes a lasting impact on the world around you.

What it means to represent Christ to the world

To be an effective representative of God’s kingdom we need to understand God’s values and priorities! Practical application from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

A timely lesson on priorities from the Sermon on the Mount

Every day we juggle the responsibilities of work, church, family, and friends. And at times, it’s difficult to know how best to prioritize! Let's explore Jesus’ charge to “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.”

What are the boundaries of God’s promise to supply?

Are there limits to God’s provision? The answer may surprise you! Let's turn once again to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

Learn how to respond in faith in times of adversity

Whether it’s the loss of a job or a crushing diagnosis, bad news comes to both Christians and non-Christians alike. Yet, followers of Christ are called to respond to difficulties, well, differently.

Discover the importance of setting our sights on God’s kingdom

When we’re driving on the highway, we need to keep our eyes on the road ahead. So, as we journey through life, and steer around worries and anxieties, where should our focus be?

Discover Jesus’ teaching on worry, and how it relates to our day-to-day living

Can worrying make you taller? How about add another year to your life? Sounds pretty silly, right? Let's study Matthew chapter 6, verse 27, to understand Jesus’ teaching on worry, and how it relates to our height, our lifespan, and our day-to-day living.

Let’s take a closer look at Matthew chapter 6 to see the right ways, and wrong ways, to apply this passage

In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus promised to supply all of our needs. But what about our wants? Are they part of the agreement as well?